Lake Reedy Report & Forecast

Lake Reedy

Capt. Reno Alley

Lake Reedy, (my home lake) is located in Polk County, in the little town of Frostproof. A nice size lake covering 3,483 acres with all kinds of vegetation. It is shallow along the bank, from one foot up to six feet along the weed lines. These are great flipping areas.
The lake also has plenty of deep water. The deepest I have seen is about 28 feet. It does have some nice drop-offs, and most are in the 12 to16 foot range.
This lake is deep. The lake does have some deep pepper grass in some 12 to 15 feet areas. Years ago, the state put in fish attractors, and some are still there if you look hard enough!
Lake Reedy is a brown-stained water lake. Visibility is two feet at the most.
This lake fishes on the hard side of bass fishing. It is not your average Florida lake to fish. You need some deep-water experience.
Good depth finders are a must on this body of water, and finding the bass is a little harder than normal.
This lake is tournament-fished hard. Almost every weekend there is a bass tournament. The average weigh-in to win would be about 20 pounds for five bass.
Later on, I will tell you how to find some big ones on Lake Reedy.
So, give this lake a try!