Istokpoga Fishing Forecast

Summertime Fishin’

By: Don Norton

Fishing in Florida in the summertime can be tough. With air temperatures actually hitting the 100’s, water temperatures are rapidly rising into the high 80s. And this year, we’ve been faced with an exceptionally dry period.
If you look around Highlands County you can see the evidence of the heat wave. Burned-out grass and lakes at their lowest level ever.
The snowbirds left a few months ago and even the locals are going up to the mountains to cool off. This is the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer. But the bass haven’t left, and there are still a few guys and gals out there catching them.
The water level on Lake Istokpoga is the lowest I’ve ever seen, and many of the landowners who live in some of the canals are finding their boats sitting in mud or sand, unable to motor out to the lake.
Some of the area guides take advantage of the summertime to learn even more about the lake. Guide trips tend to be few and far between, but searching for fish never ends.
The rains are coming and by the time this article is published, we’ve hopefully received an adequate amount of rainwater to raise the water levels and cool things off.