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By: Capt. Brian Nelli

June is one of the better times of year in South Florida. Snook, tarpon, and jacks will be looking for mullet pattern baits like Super Spooks, large swimbaits, and jerk baits. If you are finding mullet in the area you are fishing, whip out a Super Spook or large swim bait. If you are finding glass minnows, use a D.O.A. jerk bait or shad tail. Mangroves, docks, and seawalls with current nearby will be the places to target. Launching the kayak at places like Johnathan D. MacArthur State Park and Snook Islands will give you acces s to some great areas to target snook, tarpon, and jacks. You should also still be able to find some tripletail in the rivers and lagoon. Focus your attention around floating objects and channel markers.

June is typically great for blackfin tuna. These fish can be taken on live bait as well as trolling plugs and dropping vertical jigs. During this time, mahi will also be in larger numbers and closer to shore. Large kingfish will be making their way to their spring/summer areas off of our coast. Trolling live goggle eyes, pilchards, and blue runners will put fish in the fish bag. Don’t be afraid to fish shallow during this time of year. Your range should be 60-to-180 feet of water.

Warmer weather means the clown knifefish will be more cooperative. Use shiners or shad along weed edges near deeper water. Peacock bass and largemouth will be heading towards their beds to spawn if they have not already. Look to sight fish the bass along the banks and docks. Throwing a small jig or D.O.A. shrimp in their bed to annoy them will get them to bite.

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