Lanier Stripers- Cunningham

by Capt Clay Cunningham

It is hard to believe September is already here. The weather is already starting to cool off, and the fish know that fall is on the way. We are already seeing signs of an early topwater bite.

For September, the bite will always depend on the prevalent weather pattern. If the weather stays warm, stay with the downline, same as the last several months. As soon as the weather cools even a little, look for the fish to move shallow. The herring are already moving shallow leading us to believe the topwater bite is rapidly approaching game time. Keep several rods tied up with various topwater lures. Be sure to keep one rod with a Super Spook, a 7′ medium spinning rod like the Fenwick paired with a Penn Battle 4000 with a 7″ Redfin and a rod with a Sebile Magic Swimmer. The Magic Swimmer is deadly. Each day a different one will be the choice. All kinds of variables will affect which is best.

All in all, if the weather cools, expect the fishing to be a chaotic, crazy pandemonium with fish crushing bait on the surface. See you on the water in the mornings and evenings. Both can be incredible.

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