Let the Spoon do the Work

 By Joe Sheaffer

As we enter the fall season, we know the redfish will show up in large schools and they will be easier to find and definitely more aggressive as they hang together in these large groups. There are many different techniques and lure presentations that can be successful in getting redfish to strike during this time of year. One lure that many use this time of year is a spoon. It seems every angler has a certain spoon, color, different ways to rig it, different ways to retrieve it and many other strategies. I’m definitely not an expert but I have figured out a few things that have helped me catch more redfish with this lure. A few keys that have helped me catch fish using this lure.

1)     I typically use a Gold Spoon, usually a ¼ -½ oz, depending on wind, current, and depth. I have used many different makes and models and have had success with each.

2)      I usually tie the spoon to my leader with a loop knot and have had no issues with line twist but a uni knot works fine.

3)      I like to make long casts, as this really makes a difference especially with schooling fish.

4)      I don’t attach anything to the spoon and the only thing I add is some type of a scent like Procure. I’m not sure how much scent helps but I definitely don’t think it hurts.

5)     The most important strategy is the retrieve. Using a slow steady retrieve has proven to be more effective. Faster erratic presentations haven’t proved to be as successful. One last thing, I have caught many snook, trout and other species with this lure, so it can be an effective all around presentation. The spoon is definitely a very effective lure, and I would encourage you to give it a try anytime but especially during the fall when the Reds are schooled up. Good luck and keep casting.