Let’s Goooo! By: T J Shea

I’ll borrow a line from one of my crew to sum up the next few weeks here on the central Gulf coast, “Let’s Goooo!”. I don’t think Dallas Allen of Epic Diving Florida could have said it any better. No matter how you like to enjoy the sun and salt, our region has something to offer you this time of year. The sand bars, beaches and islands that have been mostly vacant for the last few months will start to see boats, rafts and umbrellas. Locals and tourists alike will start building that Vitamin D back the natural way–in hammocks and lounge chairs. Coming into the pass, the smell of burgers and dogs on grills will have all of us captains salivating after long days on the water. Ideal air temps morning, noon and night may confuse us into thinking we are living in San Diego instead of the Tampa Bay area for a while.

Offshore, the size of our boats won’t be the determining factor in how far we can run. For the most part, weather will be predictable and we won’t have to dedicate one of our Raymarine MFD’s to the Sirius weather app. With macks, tuna and bonita busting bait in every direction, the hardest part will be staying focused on making it to whatever original waypoint we have punched in. Yozuri poppers and small bucktails will be hard at work. If trolling is your fancy, then now is your time. With big fish still close to shore, you don’t have to run far for a prize catch. For those that do head out to the deep, monsters will be waiting.

Fishermen won’t be the only ones enjoying these springtime conditions–scuba diving will also be in full swing. Visibility in the Gulf can be very temperamental and unpredictable, but this time of year is the exception. Calm seas and the lack of rain will bring water clarity to its peak. It won’t be uncommon to watch our divers from the surface as they hover just off the bottom, exploring the underwater world below. If you are a newer diver, an underwater photographer or just haven’t had the chance to check out the Gulf of Mexico yet, this is your time to come out and see just how beautiful it can be. With temperature swings throughout the year close to 40 degrees, we have a unique and hearty variety of marine life that is unmatched across the rest of the state.

So, whether you’d rather be fishing, diving or just relaxing on one of America’s top beaches, now’s the time. Call your buddies, and “Let’s goooo!”.


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