Looking Back on 7 Years of ‘River Reflections’

By Matt Mittan

Seven years have flowed by like a river’s gentle current, carrying with them a collection of “River Reflections.” These columns were a cast net, not only into the waters where fish and angler met but also into the depths of life’s experiences, revealing moments of frustration, elation, and the beauty found in the simplest details. Today, we wade into the waters of memory and perspective, revisiting the themes and lessons that coursed through these pages.

1. The Pursuit of Passion

One unshakable truth echoed through these columns: the pursuit of passion. Whether it was the relentless chase of the elusive Muskie or the thrill of a riverside fish fry, passion was the current that kept the angler afloat in the ever-changing waters of life. Like bait on a hook, the promise of fulfillment and discovery drew us in and urged us to keep casting, to keep exploring.

2. Lessons of Preparedness

“Always be prepared,” an essential piece of angler’s advice, served as a life lesson. The tales of missed opportunities and unforeseen challenges on the river underscored the importance of readiness. Every encounter, every situation, demanded our attention and preparedness. Whether it was having the right tools for Muskie fishing or staying vigilant when life’s waves seemed calm, preparedness was key.

3. Embracing Nature’s Gifts

From the quiet solace of a riverbank to the thrill of the first cast, these columns reminded us to embrace the gifts that nature offered. The mesmerizing beauty of raindrops dancing on the water’s surface, or the vibrant life of a small creek brought solace and happiness. Nature, ever-generous in its offerings, provided a space for reflection, connection, and reinvigoration.

4. The Power of Connection

Throughout these years, the importance of connections was woven like a fishing line through the tales. Family, friends, and fellow anglers gathered around a tackle box to share stories, laughter, and memories. The act of trading lures, sharing triumphs, and even braving the rain together deepened bonds. These columns reminded us that life’s most cherished moments were often found in the company of loved ones.

5. Resilience Amidst Frustration

What was the angler’s path without frustration? These stories were filled with fish that got away and unexpected mishaps, reflecting the ups and downs of life. Through these experiences, we gained a sense of resilience and fortitude. Life’s journey may not always lead to the catch we desire, but the effort and the frustration encountered along the way became part of the rich tapestry of our existence.

6. The River of Life

The metaphor of the river transcended angling, symbolizing life’s ever-flowing current. Just as the river continued its journey, we too navigated our unique courses. The columns offered a reminder that we must adapt, stay engaged, and never shy away from what life presented. The river taught us to keep moving, to cherish the beauty of the journey.

7. Growth Through Reflection

These “River Reflections” didn’t merely recount fishing adventures. They urged us to examine life’s experiences. Like a fisherman scrutinizing the riverbed, these columns inspired reflection. To gain wisdom and insight from our adventures, we had to revisit the depths, trace the currents, and decipher the truths that lay beneath the surface.

As we gathered up the lures, lines, and memories of these seven years, it became clear that these “River Reflections” were more than angling tales. They were a metaphor for life’s journey. They illuminated the passion that propelled us, the lessons we collected, and the beauty that surrounded us. They underscored the importance of preparedness, the joy of connection, and the resilience that blossomed amidst life’s frustrations.

The river of life flowed onward. With these reflections as our guide, we cast our lines with renewed vigor, appreciated the moments of solitude, and treasured the bonds we built along the way. After all, just as in angling, it wasn’t always about the fish we caught but the moments, memories, and wisdom we gathered along the journey.

And so, we “fished in the rain,” embraced the “little big fish,” and persevered along the “frustrating miles” of life. I look back with immense gratitude to the readers, the sponsors, and the team at Angler Magazine who have blessed me with a platform to share these stories, lessons, and encouragements over the past seven years with you all. I eagerly anticipate the next seven years of “River Reflections” and the shared journey we have ahead of us, together, in the pages of Angler Magazine.

Matt Mittan is a licensed guide in NC and is Owner of BizRadio.US, a 24/7 Business Talk Station based out of Asheville, NC.