By Captain Carlos Arguedas • Wing Man

Congrats to Mr. Brad Tinney and his sons who are one of the most amazing fishing families I have ever seen. Mr. Tinney and sons fought this great broomtail, catching some big ones and some nice snappers, making some of the regular anglers look like immatures. Great job Mr. Tinney getting future anglers started and teaching them the right concepts about releasing fish back to their habitat.


Captain Carlos Arguedas of the Wing Man and been fishing the area of Herradura Bay since 1990. fishing along the shore for roosters, bluefin trevally, etc. and the reefs near us for big Cubera, Goliath groupers, Amberjacks and Broom Tail groupers. Now based at Los Sueños Marina, the Wing Man boasts being the boat with the most trips inshore, making Carlos a specialist when it comes to keeping track of inshore bait and fish. Along the years he has found a knack to being very productive catching big fish, including goliaths and broomtails. Contact Carlos at hihook1@hotmail.com or visit www.wingmancr.com