Los Suenos / Jaco / Herradura forecast for July & August

Los Suenos/ Jaco / Herradura forecast for July & August

The green season is now in full swing and will provide some excellent fishing opportunities. Offshore, it is an excellent time for yellowfin tunas, very good for marlin and we can still expect a quite few sailfish bites’ every day.

Our main approach is to head offshore looking for pods of porpoises, preferably spinner Dolphins, that’s where we are most likely to find the yellowfin tunas, 40 to 100 pounds are common this time of year, bigger ones up to 250 pounds are possible and fairly common. Usually there are marlin nearby too, feeding on the smaller yellowfins.

Another thing we are looking for is floating debris such as a logs or pallets or a free-floating commercial FAD, if you find something floating lots of times those are loaded with bait such as bonitos and small yellow fun tunas. With that it is often possible to have several marlin bites in a very short time on a good day. Even if you don’t find porpoises or floating debris, it is still common to have a few to several sailfish bites and a marlin bit or two on an average day.


Inshore our deep dropping in 300-500 ft. is usually red hot this time of year. This is the best time of year to load up the freezer with delicious snowy grouper, silky snapper or tilefish. Roosterfish, jacks, mackerel and snapper will be continuing to provide consistent action closer to shore.

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