By John Brownlee • Anglers Journal TV and Sport Fishing TV

As we get deeper into the green season on the central Pacific Costa Rica coast, the fishing just gets better offshore. Months like July and August, once considered the “off season,” now attract fishermen from all over the planet who come to target blue marlin on the seamounts.

These underwater mountains offshore of Los Sueños hold tremendous schools of bait, mostly small tunas. This bait attracts larger predators, including a surprising number of blue marlin, along with some striped marlin, sailfish and an occasional black marlin.

Most of the fish (but not all) run under 300 pounds, making them prime target for those who like to fish with relatively light tackle. Thirty-pound-test works great on most of these fish, a tackle size you can easily fish as standup gear without wearing yourself out.

As of this writing, the 50-foot Maverick Sea Fly had just returned from a two-night trip to a distant seamount. They had an incredible adventure, posting some spectacular numbers. In a day-and-a-half of fishing, the crew caught and released 30 blue marlin out of 43 bites, including six double-headers in a row. Nowhere else in the world can match these numbers.

But while the marlin fishing on the seamounts dominates the news, that’s not the only story. The day-to-day offshore action much closer to home can be awesome as well. The Pacific sailfish bite remains strong in July and August, and in addition, the yellowfin tuna action can be off the chain. School tuna are most common, but a lot of big fish get decked this tie of year as well.

Throw in some steady mahi mahi fishing and reasonably reliable encounters with blue and striped marlin closer to chore, and you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The fishing out of the Los Sueños Resort and Marina provides outstanding action year-round, a fact knowledgeable anglers have discovered in increasing numbers. There’s no off-season here!


John Brownlee is the former editor-in-chief of Marlin and Salt Water Sportsman magazines, and the host of the Anglers Journal TV and Sport Fishing TV television shows. You can reach John at jbrownlee@maverickcostarica.com