Lots of Hot Air Blowing Around? No, It’s Not Election Time—It’s Hurricane Season By: Misty Wells

Before we get serious, let’s start with my favorite hurricane joke, “How do Hurricanes see? With one eye.” Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about some more serious issues like high winds, mass flooding, evacuation routes and your “go bag.”  Look, no one wants to talk about hurricanes, but it is better to prepare for the worst and look forward to the best.  I met with my buddies at Florida Insurance Center and went over a few easy steps to get you and your family ready, safe, covered and prepared for hurricane season.

In order to qualify as a hurricane, there must be sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour and the scale of destruction is based on 1 through 5–number 5 being the worst.  Most hurricanes that hit the US start in the Caribbean or the Atlantic, because a hurricane needs the warm weather of the tropics to feed its energy and grow strong.

I put together a list of simple things to do to help you get ready, be prepared and stay safe.  First, I need you to go online and research your evacuation route and plan a safe meeting place for your family and a travel destination.  Second, you need a “go bag” containing clothes, batteries, flash-light, first aid kit, water, dry snacks, weather radio, waterproof bag for documents, duct tape, lighters, tarp, meds, basic electronics, pet food and cash. If you don’t have shutters, buy plywood now, cut and measure it for your home’s windows and have the tools on hand now to put it up.  We all know that, when the alert happens, everyone runs to the store and, by then, it is too late.  If you can afford it, buy a generator and some filled gas cans. Last year, we did not have power at our house for over 10 days.  Prepare for your family pets. Have their food, meds, tagged collar, leash, vet documents and kennel ready.

Last, you really need to contact someone you trust to review your Insurance for your home, auto and boat to make sure you really are covered.  I just finished reviewing my coverage with my new folks at Florida Insurance Center, and they found some major holes in my coverage–better now than later.  If you want, they will review your policy for free–customer or not.  I asked FIC to help me put together a “go bag” give away that includes a gas card to help get ya’ll get off your butts and get ready for season.  Want to win it?   All you have to do is go to “Let’s Take it Outside” or “Coastal Angler Magazine Tampa Bay” Facebook page and like it, and, add your evacuation route so I know you looked at it. We will be giving this awesome bag worth $300 away in July.  Be ready, be safe and be prepared.


Misty Wells Host of “Let’s Take It Outside” Fox Sports 2020 TV Show, Tampa Bay Times Outdoors video series, Outdoor Pro, Writer & Adventure Guide. Founder of “A Reel Future” a non-profit organization devoted to knowledge, conservation & the passion of fishing to foster kids. www.mistywells.com