Lower Keys Tackle

by Capt. Cliff Lumpkin

Have you ever walked into a place and felt smarter for the experience?  That your fishing knowledge increased two fold just by your surroundings.  Well that’s how I feel when I walk into Lower Keys Tackle located in Big Pine Key, Florida.  Now is it possible to gain knowledge from Osmosis? Perhaps, but if not that’s ok.  You see this place is chock full of knowledgeable fishing guides and Charter Captains, including the owner and fellow veteran Captain Bill Kinsey and they are at your beckon call.

The staff is always ready to answer those all important questions such as what’s biting, where are they biting and on what.  Of course as soon as you reach the front door you’re getting water temp, tides and current information to help you in your hunt.  As if this isn’t enough to get you on the fish, come by on Thursdays evening, grab a cold beverage and plate of food, and listen to the weekly fishing seminar.  Whether it is offshore fishing with Capt. Nate Wheeler or Capt. John Sahagian or how to fish the flats from a Kayak with Randy Morrow, the topics cover all the bases.  Now that you have the knowledge to find the fish, let’s talk tools of the trade.  Need Bait, got you covered there.  Live bait such as Pin fish, shrimp and crabs.  Looking for the frozen variety, how about ballyhoo, squid, and more.

At Lower Keys tackle there is no shortage of fishing tackle and gear.  Carrying top brands like Shimano and Penn rod and reels, Mustad and Owner hooks and every type of jig and lure you can think of, you can’t possibly walk out of the shop unequipped.  You will also find fishing apparel, eye ware, charts, how to books and anything else you could associate with fishing, boating and being on the water in general.  Located next door to Sea Center, a full service boat yard, you can kill the proverbial birds with one stone and get all your shopping done while your boat is being serviced.

So stop by the store, get your fishing license, say Hi to Steve, Ryan and the gang and get on the water for the fishing that the Florida Keys is famous for.  Lower Keys Tackle has truly earned the title “Fishing Headquarters of the Lower Keys.”