Ludington Fishing Report: June 2016


It is all about the surface temperature breaks in June. The longer the month goes on the further out you will have to travel as the near shore temps rise. Check the Coast Watch website for the area and set up short of the break and troll right through it. Look for surface temperature breaks going from in the mid-50s to the upper 40s. Kings can be found on the warm side of the break, steelhead in the break where the temperature is about 52 degrees, and lake trout on the cold side.

This sounds easy enough but setting your lures at a variety of depths is key. Targeting multiple species at a variety of depths is what you want for the best variety of fish. Starting at the outside of your spread, have clean (no weight) orange spoons 125 feet back on your outside planer boards, Next is to set on each side more orange spoons out 125 feet with a small sinker or a 1-3 color lead core. Next in line are 4-7 color lead cores with green spoons for suspended lake trout. Set slide divers off each side with z dodgers and flies for coho and steelhead about 60 feet back. You can then set your deep divers with spin doctors and flies or cut bait for kings, cohos and lake trout about 125-175 back. On your downriggers either run paddles and meat for kings or dodgers and peanuts and spin and glows for lake trout about 80-130 feet down. If one starts working or you are only finding one type of fish adjust your spread. See you on the big water!