Lure Makers Create New Offerings

Just when you thought you’d seen it all before, something unique shows up in fishing lures that solves a problem that frustrates you on the water.

I recently saw a question on an online forum that asked if rod, reel, and lure markets were oversaturated. One answer in that thread stated: “while many are making the same old thing, there are new creative solutions to be found for questions that just haven’t been solved intricately enough.”

There just hasn’t been a time like today for creative lure makers to solve an angler’s problems and provide some really high-quality offerings. Using 3D modeling, computer graphics, and good ol’ American spirit, modern-day lure makers have the ability to make more sophisticated offerings that get closer to what the angler actually wants and needs.

I’ve been around some Texas lure makers that are knocking it out of the park making new or improved lures that really solve key issues.’s Hard Shrimp has one of the best and most realistic shrimp actions I’ve seen. And the Controlled Decent Lure from is a foam-filled soft plastic that gives the angler complete control of depth in the water column.’s new Willow Tail offers a new shape for a hydrodynamic flapping tail. And offers a long-casting, walk-the-dog weedless soft plastic.

There hasn’t been a better time to make a new bait and the industry only benefits from creativity. Throw a couple of these innovative baits in your bag to try out; they might become your new favorites.

Tobin is a Field Staff writer for Lew’s Fishing.