LURE OF THE MONTH: Gambler Mega Daddy

With summer here, bass will be taking it slow and easy. This means your presentation needs to be more life-like and closer to what the bass are feeding on. Your typical soft plastic crawfish fits the bill to a tee.

Among the various manufacturers out there, we prefer a larger sized bait with oversized claw arms and Gambler’s Mega Daddy provides both. Coming in at 5-inches long, its solid body easily handles the larger hooks that are needed when pursuing Florida-sized large mouths. With the front of the body being segmented, this bait can also be shortened up to be used as a jig trailer for those deeper fish. The extenuated claw arms flap and vibrate easily as the bait descends through the water column or is lifted off the bottom. This action will coax the laziest of bass to reach out and strike this life-like bait. To ensure Mr. Bass will hold onto the bait longer, Gambler injects the body with its Gambler BITE scent.

The Mega Daddy can be fished in a variety of presentations and rigs. It can be flipped, pitched, used as a swim bait or just cast and floated down a flowing river or stream. They are available in a wide variety of colors to match the water conditions you are fishing and they are found in most local bait and tackle shops as well as most online tackle retailers.

When it comes to summertime bass fishing, nothing says summer to a bass than a nice fat crawfish.

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