LURE OF THE MONTH: Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver

February on the Big ‘O’ means changing weather patterns. One day it’s sunny and 80-degrees and the following morning you wake up to the 40’s. Like people, bass don’t like temperature extremes and when they do occur bass will break away from their spawning activities and seek shelter and more stable conditions. This usually means the nearest deep water pad of lilies or bed of hydrilla. So to entice these bass to strike we choose Reaction Innovation’s Sweet Beaver™ soft plastic bait along with a sturdy 1 ½ to 2 ounce skirted jig to pry these fish out of this thick cover.

The Sweet Beaver ™ is a tough and compact bait that moves a lot of water and provides plenty of action. The Sweet Beaver ™ features forward facing ribs that create pressure waves that let bass know there is something moving nearby and a textured body creates a feel that bass love to inhale. The centerline is recessed for better hook penetration but the nose of the bait is thick enough to hold your hook without tearing on every fish. The long flat beaver tail is textured on the flat surfaces and along the edge, and its tail can be split for a twin tail look.

In addition to a great flipping bait, the Sweet Beaver™ can be used Texas or Carolina rigged or as a trailer on your favorite spinner bait.

The Sweet Beaver™ is available in three sizes, a 3.50-inch, a 4.20 inch and a double wide series and there are plenty of colors to match the water and sunlight conditions. But for the Big ‘O’ dark colors seem to do the best.