LURE OF THE MONTH: Rebel’s Pop-r

With lake temperatures warming up, the top water bite will be coming on strong so this month we have selected the Rebel Pop-R as our lure of the month. The Rebel Pop-R series has been on the market for over three decades and with all things lasting that long, it has seen its good times and its slow times. Fortunately this lure has seen a resurrection and with advances in design and coloration it is finding its way into more tackle boxes these days.

The profile and action of the Pop-R make it a favorite of anglers everywhere. It can be worked quickly across the surface like a panicked baitfish, slowly twitched to mimic a meal that’s almost dead, and every speed in between. It can be popped, chugged or made to spit. The key to working a Pop-R is to adjust your retrieve until you find what the fish are looking for that day. Work it slow with occasional stops and twitches, pop it fast, or pop it strong, let the fish dedicate the cadence. Generally in clear water conditions the retrieve is quick and with constant motion while in stained or muddy water the retrieve is slower with more twitching.
The Rebel Pop-R comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

The original, Pop-R P-60, is 2 1⁄2-inch long and weighs 1⁄4 oz. and comes with #6 treble hooks. The Pop-R Plus is the same series of lure but with more life-like colors combinations and a dressed-up rear hook for extra glitter and flash. The Pop-R P-65 Magnum series is a larger profile measuring 3-inches in length, weighing 1⁄2 oz. and beefed up #4 treble hooks. With the larger profile it has greater casting distance and makes a big commotion across the surface to attract those bigger bass. The Pop-R P-66 Super Pop-R is a slightly larger version of the Magnum with a length of 3 1/8-inch, a weight of 5/16 oz., #6 Excalibur treble hooks and premium finishes. Finally there is the Pop-R P 70 with a 3 1⁄4-inch body, 9/16 oz weight, and #4 hooks and supports a wider body which creates its own special sound and action.

One issue with the standard Pop-R is that the ‘stock’ hook sets are not beefy enough to withstand the jaws of a Big ‘O’ bass so you should customize your Pop-R with a solid treble hook. Third party hooks by Owner, VMC, and Gamakatsu to name a few will increase your hook up percentages and the odds of landing those bigger bass. Also keep in mind that dressing up the rear hook with nylon, Mylar and/or feathers will greatly improve the presentation. Be creative and produce your own special combination to become king of the lake.

When searching for that explosive strike, fishing top water is the real deal and the Rebel Pop-R is a proven winner.