LURE OF THE MONTH: Z-Man Chatter Bait

When it comes to versatility, it’s hard to beat a Z-Man ChatterBait®. Whether you’re using an Original ChatterBait or the new Project Z ™ ChatterBait, these baits combine the flash of a spinner bait with the vibration of a crank bait and the profile and snag resistance of a jig to produce a bait for all conditions.

The Z-Man ChatterBait is a swim bait that covers a lot of water and with the skirted jig-head hook turned up during the retrieve it can be used in a variety of situations. Being somewhat snag-less, it can be dragged over rock piles, fished around submerged logs and brush piles and swam through submerged grasses and along the edges of reeds. However the open hook is a bit exposed to be fished in thick cover or pads.

Customize your ChatterBait with your favorite trailer and this swim bait takes on a whole new life. Whether you pair the ChatterBait with a split tail trailer, a paddle tailed swimbait, or a crawfish creature bait, simply by changing up the trailer allows you to build a bait for the environment you are fishing. Just remember the bulkier the trailer the higher in the water column you bait will be during a constant retrieve. Killing the retrieve will allow the bait to settle down into the water column to get you closer to the bottom structure.

Z-man Original ChatterBait comes in a four weights ¼, 3/8, ½ and 5/8oz baits. The Project Z ChatterBait also comes in four weights with the 3/8 and 1/2oz baits having a 5/0 hook while the 3/4 and 1oz baits having a 6/0 hook. There are ten different colors to choose from allowing you to match whatever the fish are feeding on that particular day. After starting with the award winning Original ChatterBait, Z-Man improved the bait by redesigning the attaching clasp to withstand the physical stress of bigger fish, redesigned the jig-head to allow the bait to swim more freely, they beefed up the hook to a heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® black nickel hook, and they enlarged the jig-head collar to eliminate skirt slippage. The resulting Project Z ChatterBait takes this award winning design to a whole new level of performance.

So whether you simply cast and retrieve your ChatterBait, skip it and drag it under docks, or hop it through submerged grasses, the Z-Man ChatterBait is a bait for all seasons.

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