LURE OF THE MONTH: Tanely Jigs Ribbit Top Toad


With winter here and big bass coming onto the shallows to spawn, they’ll be looking for something substantial to feed on so we’ve chosen Stanely Jigs Ribbit Top Toad as our lure of the month. Outside of Florida top-water frogs are a summertime bait, but here in the Sunshine State the hollowed bodied frog is a year-round bait.

With the patented legs and paddle like feet of the Ribbit, the Top Toad creates a realistic kicking action of a running frog when worked across the water’s surface. The hollow PVC plastic body creates an air pocket in the body which allows it to float when you pause it next to a lily pad to entice a strike. The two Stanely 5/0 Double TakeTM hooks slide up right between the legs giving the lure balance and a weedless presentation.

To work the lure, cast into any heavy cover or vegetation and slowly hop it back towards the edge and then out into the open water. Once in the open water run the lure over the surface much like a buzz bait. Strikes will not be timid, you’ll know when the fish hits it.

The Top Toad comes in nine colors including white, bullfrog, and baby bass. They are available at select local tackle shops, BassPro, online outlets, and at

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