The Fluke series of baits by Zoom are a tried and true tournament competitor. Available in five sizes and a wide variety of colors there is a Fluke to handle just about any condition or presentation. They can be fished weightless with a simple off-set hook, they can be fished with a Carolina, Drop Shot, or Texas Rig, and they can be added onto a weighted jig or spinner for extra action.

With bass about to arrive onto the beds, Zoom has a technique that will drive bass crazy. All you’ll need is a bag of Super Flukes in either White Pearl, White Ice or Albino colors, some drop-shot hooks and a package of nail weights. Place one of the nail weights into the nose of the Fluke, making sure everything but the head of the weigh is inside the body of the Super Fluke. Then drive the point of the hook through the back of the lure, just before the tail, and allow it to exit, creating an exposed hook. When you cast the lure into the bed, twitch the lure in place, for the nose will stay down like that of a feeding bluegill which bass recognize as a bed egg raider. This will bring out the paternal instincts of the bass, males guard the nest, and a reactionary vicious strike will follow.

Like all soft plastic baits, the bait needs to swim straight otherwise it was appear unnatural in the water and it will add twist to your line. So if your baits were stored improperly or should they arrive with a kink or with a slight offset, heat a pot of water to a slow boil and slowly lower the bait into the water just past the kink in the lure. Depending on the thickness of the bait hold it there for 15-20 seconds and then pull the bait out of the water and lay it flat on a soft towel until it cools and dries. This should straighten out the bait so that it performs as intended.

Zoom’s Flukes are a very versatile lure and a great lure to teach a newcomer the sport of fishing. They should be a must have for any serious bass fishermen.

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