Maintaining Your Boat, Engine & Trailer

by John Tiger, Tiger Outboards

Your new rig sits proudly in your driveway, the outboard shining brightly in the sun, even the trailer sleek and polished. You haven’t even had a maiden voyage, and yet you’re already thinking “how can I keep it looking and performing at least close to how it does now, fresh from the dealership?”.

Maintenance is the key. A well maintained and cared-for boat will always perform better than a neglected one.

DO WHAT YOU CAN: If you’re not mechanically inclined, how can you care for your new rig properly? If you’re all thumbs, budget in some bucks for dealer maintenance. It’s best for both you and your boat if you leave the mechanical details to the pros. You can, however, perform all the tasks that don’t require technical expertise. Things like keeping fittings and moving parts lubricated, cleaning and waxing the finish, checking the drive lubricant and engine oil, making sure fishline isn’t wrapped around the propshaft—these are all examples of things a responsible boater should learn, especially to protect the investment. While boats were never cheap, they seem to be more expensive than ever compared to the average paycheck; it’s only smart ownership to make sure all is up to snuff.

TIMELINE: We’ve created a simple timeline and maintenance chart, one that works for DIYers and tech-savvy boaters alike, and one you can use to check maintenance items every outing, every 20, 50 and 100 hours, and for seasonal boaters, before every layup. Use this as a guide, and your rig will stay like new for years, and command top price for resale or trade in. Welcome to the joys of boat ownership!

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