Manistee Fishing Report: October 2014


F ishing has been good out on the shelf in 120 to 200 feet of water. The fish are coming down deep, anywhere from 90 to 120 feet on flashers and flies. Recently, we have gotten heavy winds from the north, and this could bring the rest of the spawning kings into the harbor and then into the river. There have been a good number of kings on the shelf that in turn would make a decent run into the river. If the water in Lake Michigan rolls over there could be some good temperature breaks setting up, which will provide some good steelhead and king/coho action. There is a lot of warm water right now in Lake Michigan, and that can form some good breaks with the cold weather we are getting. As the temperatures get cooler in October, it should make for a lot of coho and steelhead action. Look up to get the latest water temperature reports. Water temperature is a key factor when fishing Lake Michigan this time of the year. When the water gets cold Dreamweaver Super Slim spoons work good on lead cores and copper is very effective in the upper water columns. Running the lead 2-10 colors. Spin Doctors and meat are still working well down deep.