Manistee River Fishing Report: June 2016

It’s all about the brown trout this time of the year here on the Big Manistee. It is a great month to fish trout in our area whether you are a fly angler or a gear junkie or one like myself that just plain likes to catch fish with whatever technique it takes to do it (fly or spin).

As June begins there are numerous ways to catch trout this time of the year. For the fly angler we are still swinging salmon and steelhead fry on 5 or 6 weights with floating lines, fishing streamers on 6 or 7 weights with 200-grain sink tips and all of our favorite ways to get them, on dry flies. One could quite easily catch trout all three ways here for most of June. For the gear guys its all about small to medium size crankbaits and spinners to help you get it done. The river has been in good condition and has been most of the spring. The clarity is good and with the cooler air temps that we have had the water temps are below normal which should prolong the trout fishing throughout June and into July. Tippy has a good population of trout ranging from 7-17 inches and is a great place for anglers of all abilities to get out and have a good time on the river. Let’s not forget about the smallmouth bass and pike. We have some of the best places in Michigan to catch either species whether it be on the river systems both blow Hodenpyle and Tippy Dams or on the backwaters between them. With miles and miles of shorelines to fish, there is plenty of water to keep you busy catching smallies and pike on a weekend excursion. There is plenty to do so come on up and enjoy what the area has to offer. Have a great June and get out and enjoy what we have. Tight lines and high fives!