Manistee River Forecast

By: RJ Kerr

Summer has finally arrived here in Northern Michigan. Which means longer days and a ton of fishing opportunities. This time of year we are typically concentrating on trout, pike, and smallmouth. Trout fishing bellow Tippy Dam with both lite spinning gear and fly gear will remain good.

Crankbaits and spinners on lite spinning gear will get those trout fired up. Swing soft hackel flies and skittering stimulator patterns on a 5wt fly rod will definately put trout to hand. But as we move to later June we have by far my favorite bug hatch. The hex hatch!

We are casting giant mayfly patterns to big browns at night. There is nothing quite like fishing in total darkness listening to rising fish and waiting to hear a big brown sip your fly. We also have some awesome pike and smallmouth fishing above and below the dam.

Casting spinner baits and crankbaits is always a good choice. For the fly guys, stripping clouser minnows and top water gurglers will put fish to hand. If your looking to get out and enjoy what Northern Michigan has to offer give us a call. Tight lines and high fives!

RJ Kerr
Premier Angling Guide Service
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