Capt Judy’s Inshore Offshore Fishing Report for June

June 11, 2019 Capt Judy’s inshore offshore fishing report and Dell Bishop Story!

Fishing statement: To try to insure that fishing stays in the hearts of those that love it and to help the ones that are going too!

While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters Clay Newman and his son Chris age 13 of Savannah, Georgia caught some really nice fish.

Main Goal Accomplished!
As I was introducing Chris and his father Clay Newman to Captain Garrett I had to asked, “What is your main goal today?”  Chris quickly replied, “I want to catch a fish that pulls!”  Captain Garrett smiled and said, “I will do my best!”  First fish hooked up and landed was a nice bonnet head shark, which pulled pretty darn hard.  And before Captain Garrett could remove the hook the shark thigh slapped him pretty good.  (I saw the imprint that it made on his leg!)  After that Captain Garrett moved and the multiple catching started.  All together Chris caught two red fish over slot size, 12 red fish under slot size, 3 flounder, 12 spotted sea trout, 5 lady fish, 5 croakers, 1 stingray, and I can’t forget to mention again a thigh slapping bonnet head shark!


Chris Newman age 13 of Savannah, Georgia is have grand slam kind of a summer vacation!  While fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters and his father Clay Newman he caught a Savannah Slam!

Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters took Emie Heisery and Brent Guest for an inshore fishing affair!  They had a great day and caught some really nice spotted sea trout! Most fish were released back to the wild!  Yep! That means they are still swimming and growing all at the same time!

Captain Matt Williams of Miss Judy Charters took Joel Durham and his son Nate age 11 Tidedo, Ohio on an inshore catching affair.  They goal was to catch enough for dinner, which they did!  The rest of the fish were caught fought landed and released!

While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters Chandler Justus age 51/2 Gahanna, Ohio caught this nice red fish.  Who is assisting?  James Rodgers age 7 Solon Ohio..I think Chandler is going to be a natural born fisherman for life!   Fish beware!

Miss Judy Charters Fishing Team is sporting a secret weapon!  And each double hook bottom rig has at least one Electron Fish Attractor. I am only using one electron per two hook bottom rig.  Why? That’s all you need to get those fish to your hook!  But if you want to really go crazy give two Electrons on each rig a try!  I found when bottom fishing with 6 to 10 double hook rigs that two on each rig is too many and one is the perfect combination! Now what do I mean by too many? You can figure that out on your own! Where do you get them?  www.lifesparkfishingtackle.comWhy? I will answer this with a question..When you fish don’t you want your best chances at catching fish?  I rest my case!  Don’t you think it’s time to order some today?

While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters James Rodgers age 7 Solon Ohio holding a nice red fish and Justus Chandler Justus age 5 ½ Gahanna, Ohio  holding a spotted sea trout had a catching blast!  The caught enough fish for dinner and released the rest!

Luke Patterson Tennessee celebrating his 11 th birthday! His father Jim, his uncle Tim, and his cousin Sam joined on this inshore fish day!  Who showed them the way?  Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters!  Luke is holding a very nice spotted sea trout!

Want to have some flying fun? Call 1 912 572 8055Dave Myers

Luke Patterson Tennessee celebrating his 11th birthday! His father Jim, his uncle Tim, and his cousin Sam joined on this inshore fish day!  Who showed them the way?  Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters!  Who showed this spotted sea trout and nice flounder the way into the cooler? Fisherman Luke!!

Spanish mackerel Attack!
Captain Deidra Jeffcoat of Miss Judy Charters and her motley crew!  Please meet fishermen Mike Kenton of Macon, Georgia and Brian Gray of Virginia. This duo caught their dinner, had it cleaned took it to the Flying Fish, they cooked it, they ate it, and all was very very good!  Who showed them the catching way?  Captain Ken Kennickell of Miss Judy Charters!

What did they do with their fish?  They ate them!  And who showed them the way?  Flying Fish Bar and Grill!  Their slogan is you catch them we cook them!  Yep and that’s what they did!

Artificial Reefs
So far I would like to report that we are having great Spanish mackerel catching season. We have been catching more than not.  Now, I also have to report the since we had all of this rain it seems the bite slowed, but the fish are still here in large number.  Before the rains fish were being caught away from the structure.  However, for the last couple of days they were schooling right over the wrecks not around it.  It made catching a little challenging!   Why?  The fact of the matter is only a few wrecks were holding fish not like before where they were schooling over, above, and around the area.    With this being said, “You had to really find the fish’s hold up!”

Christopher Miller blue Ash, Ohio is showing us off his just caught white grunt, which is the true name for this fish.  However, back in the old days, way before we started reading fish identification books, we came up with our own names.  This fish was called a hog nose snapper.  So therefore in my book that is exactly what this is for sure!

Savannah Snapper Banks

The bottom bite has been good, but you might find that to catch you got to stay on the move.  A lot of fishermen just drift when fishing at the banks while other prefer going into the anchoring mode.  Both methods of drifting or anchoring will work.  I prefer the sideway drifting!  (Captain Judy) It enables me to put the boat right on top of the fish allowing my customer’s baited hooks to drop right into the strike zone.  Now if anchoring is your method situating your boat directly over the school is also a good thing.  But when the school moves you move!  It as simple as that!

Isolated live bottom spots, which I call “fishing cities”, hold the attentions of lots of different size fish.  And they all seem to occupy and feed in the same area.   The best news about these areas is if the large fish move they do not go far they just resituated.  This would be your sign to move to another spot and come back later!

We have been using small pieces of squid for bait.  It seems all size fish prefer a small mouth full!  So I suggest giving them what they want!  Too much bait on a small hook is going to get the fish’s attention as well as their counter parts.   Larger baits require some extra feeding to get to the hook’s barb.  So therefore in this case the smaller the bait the bigger the bite!

This is what we call a live bait rig.  The rig works great with menhaden, perch, mullet, blue runner pinfish, and blue fish. There are more live baits out there. However, if the live bait used is shorter in length such as cigar minnows, Spanish sardines, and thread fin herring I suggest downsizing length between two hooks. If the bait used such as a ladyfish or ribbonfish also known as cutlass fish you are going to need to add more trailing treble hooks in order to accommodate the length of these baits.

This live rig is made with 30 lb pound test single strand wire. Hooks live bait #2 treble #8 As far as hooks when going with this rig I suggest using the size that doesn’t over power the live bait used.

When drift I suggest always putting out a top water line also referred to a flat line.  What?  I like using what is commonly called a king rod/reel set up for this situation.  I am using 20 pound test main line and a live bait rig.  (see live bait rig description above)  The secret is to not allow your bait to swim too deep.  I suggest keeping 20 feet and up towards the surface.  Large king mackerel are upper column water swimmers and are always looking for quick meal.  And if they happen up on that one fish that swims alone, well so be it. And what would that be?  Your bait in the fish’s mouth!

Christopher Miller Blue Ash, Ohio and Captain Kathy Brown of Miss Judy Charters are sporting a genuine red snapper smiles! And that’s a fishing fact!

David Miller Blue Ash, Ohio is sporting a big fish catching smile.  Captain Kathy Brown of Miss Judy Charters is holding his just caught amberjack also known as a reef donkey!

What the heck did David Miller Blue Ash, Ohio have hooked up?  And why is his son pulling so hard on David’s main line? Scroll to the next picture please!

This is the shark that gave David Miller a pretty good darn fight, which lasted about 40 minutes! Yep!  No worries no shark steaks today, this shark is still swimming, eating, and growing!

Gulf Stream Fishing

While blue fishing with Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charters Shannon Dotti Savannah Georgia had a grand catching time!  Nice fish Shannon! Some blue water bites have gone silent, but mostly because the weather has not allowed us to go!

Give Mickey a call and let him show you the freshwater catching way!
“Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not!”

Dell Bishop Story
The first time I meet Mr. Bishop I didn’t. You didn’t read or I didn’t write that last statement wrong.  It’s a true one for sure.  My father always took his so-called “velvet drive transmissions” when broken to Mr. Bishop for repair. The reason I said, “I didn’t meet him, I didn’t!”  Mr. Bishop has a strange set of rules when he worked on something.  You dropped it off at his workshop and left.  And by the way, what you dropped off had better not been leaking oil, making any sort of mess, or he wouldn’t work on it.  When it was fixed word got back to you that it was done.  At this time you drove to his house, put the repair funds in the tin can marked “for money,” picked up the now repaired piece, and left as soon as possible.

There is one thing for sure when it came to such dealings as this.  Whatever Mr. Bishop fixed, “worked and well!”  There was never a question about that!  As a small child I just figured “an elf” fixed it or something!  Heck, I never saw anyone so therefore it couldn’t be real in the first place at least not to a six year old.  At any rate, there are many great entertaining stories that I could tell about Mr. Bishop.  I will leave the rest for others.  However, there is this one more that I have to share with you.

Many years ago while waiting for my to-go breakfast from the Sunrise Restaurant I ran into and sat down a bit with two well known Wilmington Island Characters.  That would have been “Bootsie” Fischer and Warren Mathieu.  As I walked up I heard them both complaining about their eggs.  One had too much while the other had too little.  I guessed changing plates was out of the question.  At any rate, I sat down and the conversation we had was what I as well as anyone else would call “definitely priceless!”

I started out talking about all of the whiting that I had been catching while bottom fishing in front of “Bootsie’s” dock located on Wilmington Island River.  Both looked up and started explaining why this area was so good for whiting fishing. Here’s the story that they told me….

Apparently one day while collecting oysters in the Back River marsh Dell Bishop had made quite a haul.  His 16-foot outboard boat was full to the brim with many bushels of local oysters. His boat, according to the story told, wasn’t the only thing “full to the gills.”  In this case, I didn’t ask, but alcohol might have been involved.

As Dell made his way back to the dock he encountered what could have been called an “inshore rouge wave!”  At least that’s what I am calling it! The wave capsized his boat throwing him into the water.  His boat was filled to the gunnels with live oysters and it sank right away along with the old motorist a running.  Dell swam to the Fischer Dock, climbed up on it, and watched as his boat completely disappeared down under. According to the story, there were many attempts to find the sunken vessel.  However, it was never found.

Now this brings me back to this day and time. The place that I have been fishing is indeed made up of a big pile of something and it’s holding the interests of some pretty nice fish.  However, since all parties searching for the sunken vessel have quit or are no longer around…And no one seems to be interested in whereabouts of Dell Bishops’ wreck there really isn’t any reason to publish the GPS coordinates…correct?

Thanks for reading!  –Captain Judy

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