Massachusetts Reel of the Month: Cheeky FLOTR 3500


By Grant White, Cheeky Fishing

Each month, Boston-based reel manufacturer Cheeky Fishing will highlight the Cheeky Reel best suited for the month’s fishing techniques and styles. For November, the reel of choice is the Cheeky CYDRO 3500.

November fishing is not for the faint of heart. For most anglers, the cool temps of October and the departure of the striped bass from the area marks the end of the fishing season here in New England. However, for the few anglers brave enough, November can offer one of the most exciting and overlooked fishing experiences of the year. Blackfish, or Tautog as they are commonly referred, tend to wait about a month later than stripers in their search for warmer waters. Tog’s will typically spend late fall days feeding around structure in 25-45’ of water. Getting a crab that deep means you’ll need a reel with plenty of backing capacity, and once you hook one of these portly fish, you’ll be amazed at their pulling strength.  That’s why our Cheeky Reel of choice for November is the Cheeky CYDRO 3500. With hundreds of yards in backing capacity, plus the power to stop a blackfish in its tracks, the CYDRO 3500 is the must-have spinning reel for togs.

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