Maverick Yachts Fishing Forecast – Green Season

Maverick Yachts Fishing Forecast – Green Season

As predicted, the yellow fin tuna showed up in big numbers.  Although in smaller numbers the tuna will hang around.

The big news is the beginning of the big annual sail fish bite off the Pacific Coast.  From Guatemala to Panama the sail fishing is expected to be red hot over the next few months.  While November is commonly slow, December can be one of the best months for sail fish with a liberal sprinkling of blue, black and striped marlin.  It is uncommon but not rare to see a Grand Slam this time of year.


As the rains slack off blue water is seen closer to shore, and the fish come with it.

Legendary numbers of sail fish and marlin have been released in these waters beginning this time of year.  If you are planning to charter, the best boats are booked early, and your best shot is probably December.

In addition to bill fish, there should be sufficient mahi, wahoo, tuna and bottom fish to keep folks happy.  If you do boat one of these delicacies, most local eating spots have a “you hook um, we cook um” policy.  Never fresher.

Although the rooster fish are resident year around, clean water brings the bait in shore turning on the rooster bite.

Flat water is the rule with the big rains behind us, and you can add off shore comfortable boating to the great fishing and world class adventures found here in Costa Rica.


Larry Drivon

Maverick Yachts Costa Rica