Introducing the Maxel Fishing Grip!

The sturdy, easy-to-use Maxel Fishing Grip with built in scale offers convenience and simplicity with strong, corrosion resistant construction. All metal parts are precision machined from aircraft-quality aluminum, polished and heavily anodized to resist the corrosive forces of the saltwater environment and assembled with premium stainless steel screws. The comfortable, sure-grip EVA foam handle grip assures control of most any gamefish you need to release.

The one-finger operation easily opens the jaws to grasp those toothy or soft-mouthed gamefish in a flash. Longer body length keeps hands and fingers away from toothy fish and dangerous swinging hooks. The fixed jaw is built to handle the weight, while the moveable jaw opens far enough to grip wall-hanger trophies. The simple design automatically locks the jaws in the closed position while the fish is handled and weighed by the built-in 25-pound scale, yet opens easily with the touch of a finger for the release. The Maxel Fishing Grip is light, strong and simple to use, yet it is so robust that you could almost lubricate it with saltwater!


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