May 2016 Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Report

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing
Kayak fishing for the month of May was great!

May was a very relaxing month with good fishing. Several storms produced very dynamic conditions for kayak fishing. When waves are big or it rains a lot fishing on the kayaks is a very different experience. You must paddle a lot to some of the offshore reefs for deep jigging. This time of the year sunburning is not as common as in the summer and some fresh sessions can be found when rain is around .

We are going to call this month a very “Sharky” one. Different species of sharks have been caught pretty close to the beach, all of them in pretty small size but they are always fun to deal with on the kayak.  Black tip sharks, white tip reef sharks, and some baby hammerhead sharks have been found around some big schools of barracudas, Jacks, and sardines. Even 2 black tip sharks been caught on trolling lures, this is not usual but seems like they get more active when it is raining.

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing
Black Tip Shark caught while trolling near the beach.

Fishing inshore was very fun for the clients we’ve had this month. We’ve been finding lots of Jacks, Roosterfish, barracudas, and Mackerel. Deep jigging expeditions are keeping our dinner menu very different every day. We have been enjoying fresh grilled Ambrejack fillet with salad, and if the catch of the day is snapper or tuna we have ceviche or sashimi. A special dinner we enjoy on thunderstorm nights is a very tasty, spicy fish soup with veggies.

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