Memorial Day 28″ Speckeled Sea Trout

Bob Bennett caught this 28″ Sea Trout in Bulow Creek.


Late afternoon on Memorial Day I decided to fish at the Bulow Creek Bridge. The tide was high and the current was ripping out. I could see and hear fish popping as the outgoing tide swirled out from under the Bridge.

I tied on a 1/4 oz. Jig head with a 4″ Black/Silver with a Chartreuse tail Shad. I tried A couple of.places on the Bridge and North of the bridge, and got nothing.

I went to the Sandy Beach area of the parking area. As I worked under the Bridge, and along the Oyster Bar, the feeding activity seemed to be increasing.

A couple of casts later, I got a hit that felt like I snagged bottom.. I thought the usual “colorful thoughts” when you snag the oyster bar…Until the Drag started singing, in seconds the Fish was all the way to the other side and starting up one of the other channels that head to the River.

I tightened the Drag and finally got the Fish turned around and heading back to me covering every inch of water available to him. His wake in the shallow water was huge. I was wondering if I had accidentally snagged an Alligator
He zigzagged back and forth on his way toward me. When he got close and saw me, He turned around and shot off to the Bridge pulling a tight Drag like it was nothing.

I knew if he got under the Bridge he would be gone. I tightened the drag again finally got him turned. Again covering every inch of water he could his runs got shorter and shorter until he was tired and I finally pulled him onshore. I believe this to be the biggest Trout I have landed…And from the smallest water..Bob

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