Miami Tarpon

I caught this 20 pounds Tarpon in Gas station spillway.

Tarpons taking over freshwater local spillways in Miami? An insane fighting fish that most people think it lives in saltwater. This is what I would say extreme freshwater angling as tarpon are a highly prized sport fish as it is one of the hardest to land from the beach, well in freshwater they live in the spillways and can be caught as juveniles or as adults weighing sixty pounds or more. This is a very hard fishery as I spend hours and days looking for the freshwater poons to roll by and I throw a live mayan cichlid as bait to get slurped by a very strong fighting fish like the tarpon. This type of fishery is not for everybody I spent two years finding a way to catch these spillway beasts as they are one of the hardest fish to hook and land in saltwater and freshwater. The first thing I do when I go freshwater fishing is not to expect any bites as you never know if you will get a bite as there needs to be water flow and the spillways have to be open and running water. Bait is very critical for this kind of fishery if you would like to target the freshwater tarpon as they are very picky eaters that will eat mayan cichlid which is thier natural bait or any lure that is similar to mullet. In Miami’s local spillways you will find these beasts rolling on top of the water looking for bait at certain times of the day, when you are fishing for freshwater tarpon or snook the bite is a very hard thump that will surprise the angler as the angler will have to expect a very hard fight in terms of the tarpon jumping out of the water and trying to shake off your live bait hook or your lure. This is a fishery that requires a lot of patience but also a lot of moving from spot to spot and not expecting too many bites. Landing a big freshwater is only a twenty percent chance out fo every ten tarpons that are hooked in freshwater spillways as they are a fish that can fray and cut your line easily if it is not fought correctly, takes technique, time and patience! This is freshwater angling at its best!

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