Middleton Fish Camp great for an “Old Florida” fishing getaway

Middleton Fish Camp. PHOTO CREDIT: Port St. Lucie Anglers Club.
Middleton Fish Camp. PHOTO CREDIT: Port St. Lucie Anglers Club.

What do you get when you mix 34 nice people with freshwater fishing on their minds, with a beautiful, “Old Florida” lake on a pleasant February weekend. Those ingredients alone add up to a great time had by all. Add the rustic amenities of the Middleton Fish Camp amid a wonderland of the flora and fauna of a lakeside retreat, then season it with a gourmet meal prepared by the legendary back country chef Frank Gamber and you end up with memories to treasure.  The Port Saint Lucie Anglers annual three day outing to Blue Cypress Lake in Central Florida is one of the most popular club events of the year, for good reason. The club is all about fishing, but has enough family events for all ages to qualify for year round, “No guilt” outdoor enjoyment.

Middleton’s Fish Camp on Blue Cypress Lake offers cabins, a small campground, deep, wide launch ramps and dockage right at your cabin door. Surprisingly inexpensive, the cabins provide enough creature comforts to keep even fussy spouses happy and the dock just a step outside invites ventures to seek out lunker largemouth bass of every fisherman’s dreams before the first light filters through the Cypress trees lining the shore. There’s no need to motor too far so you can smell the bacon and eggs and react accordingly.

Port St. Lucie Angler Club member, Paul Bender, with two nice bass on Middleton's dock. PHOTO CREDIT: Port St. Lucie Anglers Club.
Port St. Lucie Angler Club member, Paul Bender, with two nice bass on Middleton’s dock. PHOTO CREDIT: Port St. Lucie Anglers Club.

The catch consisted of a few largemouth bass, specs, catfish and a few Bowfins, a hard fighting fish with sharp teeth, learned the hard way by the club president Captain Frank Zmorzenski. A few prize largemouths and catfish found their way into the fish fry, but most were carefully released.

Middleton’s proprietor, Jeannie, may even share some of the local fishing secrets learned during her, and her late husband Joe’s, lifetime on the lake. Jeannie is always an invited guest at this club’s dinners. Jeannie can be found most of the day in the bait and tackle shop or maintaining the grounds. Don’t be fooled by her nice smile and pleasant personality. This woman keeps the camp clean and doesn’t tolerate pigs or unsportsmanlike conduct. In saying good bye, Jeanie welcomed the club back again noting, tongue in cheek, that we are not a threat to the fish population.

February is the chosen month for the PSL Anglers trip. The water is beginning to warm up to excite the fish while it’s not too hot to spend the entire day doing what you came for. After a winter of winds and chilly temperatures most club members are anxious to bend their rods.  There’s enough action to keep the fishermen happy and the mosquito’s are at a minimum. Later in the summer months the fishing gets intense, the camp more popular and reservations for cabins are required long in advance.

The Port Saint Lucie Anglers meet on the third Thursday of every month at the Botanical Gardens on Westmoreland Blvd, Port Saint Lucie. Member numbers approaching 200 and growing, enjoy guest speakers on off shore, inshore and back country fishing, as well as environment issues that affect everyone. The club’s main special event for the year is the, “Kids Fishing Tournament” coming up on April 25th at the Botanical Gardens Lake. All tackle and bait is provided and all kids up to the age of 16 are welcome.  Call Bill Moore (772) 221-1810 for information or visit www.pslanglers.com.