Captain Judy’s Inshore Offshore Fishing Report and snapper season dates! – September

From left to right:  John Womack, Katie Mobley, Kristen Womack, Brandon Mobley, Sean Holesenback, and Kelly Holesenback  all from August,  Georgia..  Captain Ryan Howard and his first mate Wendy Clark showed them the fish catching way.    Here’s the story that goes with this picture…all on board caught a barracuda while trolling at the artificial reef “KC.”  This reef is located about 8 miles offshore from the Wassaw Barrier Island.  But, there is almost always an exception to the rule: Kelly Holesenback didn’t get the chance to catch a barracuda…Why?  She was too busy talking to her new best friend, at least at the time, the old five gallon bucket! And she was a good enough sport to document this!

What do we have here?  Savannah Finest Coast Guard Inspection Team!  From left to right:  Kerry Duke Tennessee, Hubert Wells Pennsylvania, Mark Nemec aka (NEMO) Ohio, Mr. Ruth Lee (dummy UK) and Joe Byrne Florida.   Who were they inspecting?   Miss Judy Too!  Captains:  Judy and Kathy!  And did they pass?  Heck, Yeah! We are good for another year!  What does this mean?  It is time to go fishing!

Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters is holding Bennett Candler (10 years old) of Greenville, SC just caught red fish!

Inshore fishing report!

It is hot and I don’t have to report that, you already know.  The inshore fish bite has been interesting for sure.  Why? They are thinking just like us, it is hot and they are not moving much.  However, when they do, they have to eat and what do they prefer to eat especially at this time of the year?  Live shrimp!  It seems that a single live shrimp can trigger a serious trout, red, flounder, and black drum bite!  But here’s the thing….the bite might not last long and lots of moving and looking might be in your future!  Heck, who cares, when the boat is moving so is the air around it!

Kyle Candler Greenville, SC is holding up a nice flounder, which he caught while fishing with Captain Garrett Ross of Miss Judy Charters.  What does this mean?  Big crispy scored flounder is in someone’s future!  And if it was for me, I would ask for a side bowl of papaya chutney!


Welcome to tarpon-ville, because we got lot of these fish! How do I you know?  On your way to the ocean our customers get to see these silver bullets shooting through schools of menhaden!  What happens when the tarpon does this?  Parts and pieces of menhaden also called pogies are scattered!  Once the tarpon starts this crashing surface feeding activity it causes quite a feeding frenzy from others down under and from the birds above.  The parts that the tarpon misses, causes them to quickly turn back and pick up the spoils.   Sometimes I can’t believe the size wakes that these 60 to 150 pound fish make!  It is pretty interesting to say the least!  Sea birds get the small leftover pieces along with the oil that are holding them on the surface.  Other fish such as sharks, sharks, Spanish mackerel, and king mackerel join in on this feeding frenzy!  No matter what there is a whole lot of feeding going on!  Two things:  It is a great place to fish, but not a great place to take a swim!  Also, if you happen to be casting for menhaden to use as bait I suggest being aware that so are those large fish down under!  There have been times where fishermen have been pulled out of their boat by the large fish in their cast net.  Please secure your net loosely on your arm meaning I suggest having a quick release net plan ready!

Offshore Artificial Reefs!

From 45 to 65 feet …it is all good!

There is not a lot of bottom fish to catch at these areas.  However, if you want lots of pulling sport I suggest top fishing these areas.  We have been catching Spanish/King mackerel, little tunny,  and barracuda!

Captain Kathy Brown, Dr. Judy Piros, (Savannah, Georgia) and Captain Judy are holding up what is better known as a whole bunch of fish!  What does this mean?  Lots of fried, baked, and broiled fish is in someone’s future!


Jay Spence, Wil Telljohann, and Mike Welsh are all wondering why the heck this big shark didn’t take it all.  This would have been a keeper for sure.  And there are plenty of leftovers!!  Will is holding the head and shoulders, which could be the makings for many fish tacos.  Mike is holding his custom made fishing rod!  Who made his rod?  He did!  Wil and Mike brought their own equipment, which turned out to be plus for everyone.  I honestly have to say, “When their lines were in the water they GOT HOOKED UP!”

Jay Spence caught this nice snapper with a small piece of squid!  On this day the group caught a lot of peanut reds, which were released unharmed!  We called it “Re-stocking the ocean!”  Who showed them the way?  Captain Judy and Captain Kathy!

Savannah Snapper Banks

Our cherished total 6 days of open genuine red snapper season flew by.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to be able to throw red snapper in my fish box.  It was, but for a moment, just like old times! However, as you know in 2010 that all ended with us fishermen wondering why the heck they closed it in the first place.  But I won’t get on that soap box! However, I will say is darn sad that the only times we see any numbers of offshore fishermen is during red snapper open season times.  Some complained that there were too many boats, but to be honest I was happy to see all the boats.  I guess when the decision was made to officially close red snapper that there wasn’t any type of study done on the impact that it was have on all the businesses on the coast!

I believe that most all boats that fished during the open red snapper days caught their limit!  At least I know that our boats did!  Now that the season is closed once again I can go back to regular bottom fishing!  What does that mean? We will be catching vermilion, triggerfish, black sea bass, amberjack, almaco, banded rudder, cobia, grouper, king mackerel, white grunt, flounder, and of course genuine red snapper!

I know you might be scratching your head about me listing king mackerel as a bottom fish.  Well, for the last couple of trips to the snapper banks we have been catching kings on two hook bottom rigs.  Believe me this only works if the king happens to get hooked and those sharp teeth don’t cut the leader.  Last week, I lost 10 bottom rigs with sinkers to those bad attacking king mackerel.   I did this is less than an hour’s time.  Now, if I hadn’t been chasing red snapper I would have been catching kings!

Gulf Stream Trips

It is time to get ready for the fall/winter blue water run!  And it is time to make some plans!  Please give us a call 912 897 4921….Captain Ryan is ready to take you blue water fishing!

David Rivera aka “Snapper Dave” and Will Telljohann is holding two very nice geniune red snapper!  Where did we put them?  In the fish box!  And this is something I most never get to say, do, or write about!  Snapper Dave’s red snapper weighted it at about 31 pounds at the dock!!

Al Holzinger Savannah, Georgia has caught himself a nice genuine red snapper!

Dr. Judy Piros, Savannah, Georgia is holding up a scamp grouper, which she caught while fishing with Captain Kathy’s grouper cocktail!  What is a grouper cocktail?  Captain Kathy just won’t say and Dr. Judy is not talking either!

Brodie Livesay (green t-shirt) Noah Bishop (white t-shirt) Bruce Livesay (red t-shirt Little) Johnson City, Tennessee and who showed them the way!  Captain Ryan Howard “Crap Shoot!” Miss Judy Charters

Captain Ryan Howard “Crap Shoot” is holding a nice bonnet head that Bruce Livesay (red t-shirt) Johnson City, Tennessee

Brodie Livesay (green t-shirt) Johnson City, Tennessee is holding a just caught soon to be released juvenile shark!  First mate John Fanning Miss Judy Charters is baiting up and getting ready for the next bite opportunity!

Noah Bishop (white t-shirt) Johnson City, Tennessee giving us a big thumbs up!  He just caught a juvenile shark and he just about to release it unharmed back to the wild!  Who showed him the way?  Captain Ryan Howard of Miss Judy Charters!

Please meet Candler Family!  Kyle (Dad) Jana (Mom) Maddie (13 years old) and Bennett (10 years old) of Greenville, South Carolina!

While inshore fishing with Maddie Candler (13 years old) of Greenville, South Carolina she caught, fought, landed, and released this nice red fish!


Please meet Ruel and his brother Hayden Larance of Ann Arbor, Michigan And Ali-Cat DeYoung showing her approval!  Both are holding up a nice barracuda.  Both fish put on quite an air show!

Christopher West, Harvey Williford, Harvey Williford, Dobby Cothern, Autrey Merritt, and Darryl Merritt…Captain Judy Helmey and Alli-Cat DeYoung of Miss Judy Charters

Christopher West Douglas, Georgia is holding a nice freight train pulling grouper and Captain Kathy is offering up her grand thumb up approval!

Justin Snyder grand slam fishing team!

Thanks for reading!  Captain Judy

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