[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he fishing has been great here in the delta. There have been a lot of fish taken way up river all the way to Dead Lake. All species have been biting: reds, specks, flounder, and bass. There has been pressure on the fish, so I’m going to tell you how to load the boat with fish and get away from the flotilla of boats that are now on the water. The secret is Category 5 Baits called: suicide croakers, shrimp minnows, and split tail shrimp. McCoy’s has them, but I got my information from the guys in Louisiana.

I have been using them this year and have just loaded the boat with fish. I have found that the Noslack Tackle jig head work the best in the 1/4 ounce size. Take a swivel and two pieces of 20 pound clear line. Then tie the lines to the swivel individually, so if you get a redfish it doesn’t break you off. Then take two 1/4ounce jig heads and attach to the lines. Make one about six inches shorter than the other. The split tail shrimp has a lot of action and the trout can’t stand it. The suicide croaker I rig is single, but can also be rigged tandem. The shrimp minnows can be fished anyway you desire. They have many
colors to choose from and we’ve had good luck with all of these baits. This month catching two at a time is better than catching one.

Captain Lynn Pridgen
Captain Lynn’s Inshore Adventures