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Come into our showroom and check out Hobie’s full line of Mirage Drive System kayaks.

Kayaks in this part of the world have come a long way in the last 30 years. In the early 90s we were an Old Town dealer; we stocked a fiberglass sit inside model that had many birthdays in our showroom. I tried it once. Very unstable all I could do to stay in it. Not fun. Fishing out of it wasn’t even a consideration staying out of the water and not cramping up was all I could think about. We called them speed bumps!

Enter Hobie and the Hobie Mirage Drive System. We have had the pleasure of selling them for over a decade. To be honest I only recently took them seriously. For the first few years we would sell a few; 10 maybe 20 a year but not something that I would call a big part of our business. Then about five years ago we turned the reigns over to one of our sales guys Mike Delisle. “Mike the Fish” was his handle. He was well known for prowling the nooks and cranys around Hull Massachusetts in his 12’ inflatable for stripers. Mike fully engaged himself in the world of Hobie and along with some new models and features like adjustable EZ Boy style seating on the 2015’s sales have exploded! Not only do you have hands free for fishing, photography and other worthwhile pursuits. You are comfortable with adjustable Lumbar Support and using the strongest part of your body your legs to easily propel yourself through the water! Cup Holders rod storageEven the most uncoordinated have a blast. No registration fees, safe for kids 8-80 and great for small ponds, or the big ocean. Have you ever gone for a “Nantucket Sleigh Ride”? Try a striper or bluefish in a Kayak!

“Kayak Mike” is his new Tag. Give him a call If you are looking for more fun on the water.

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