Monahan’s Marine

By George Doucette 

Hello again, fellow anglers: Captain George here! It’s nearly July and the waters are warming. Fish will begin to feed earlier, that means we all get up before dawn (or at least we should.) I like to use a few methods you may or may not have heard about, the high-low rig. A three way swivel with a hoochy type squid lure and a six to eight inch swimmer. Please see my crude drawing.

This can be used on mono, braid, lead core or wire. The rig can also be used with two hoochys or squid type lures. Again, a crude drawing. I like to troll at a good clip with these three to five mph. This rig was developed from the accidental catch of huge stripers on Stellwagen Bank. Tuna boats trolling daisy chains and squid bars were picking up 50lb. bass trolling at five mph. We currently use this method to catch big stripers in 30-60ft. of water in the Cape Cod Bay.

You can use your conventional rods for this method. I will be fishing a big bass and bluefish tournament July 11th and 12th. Wish me luck. Next month, we will talk about bunker spoons and the new Daddy Mac Deep Diving Lures. We just got these in at Monahan’s Marine and I will use them in the tournament. You can drop by any time and talk to Russ or myself about fishing in the area.


4Cast Monahans Marine Photo
High low using 2 squid.



FORECAST BY: Captain George Doucette has been late spring trolling for stripers in the Cape Cod Bay area since 1970. He currently works in the fishing department down at Monahan’s Marine located in Weymouth, Mass. To have Captain Doucette help outfit your boat, please call (781)-335-2746.