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Let’s face it, boating is a passion. It’s impossible to justify in dollars and cents owning a recreational boat of any type. Understanding what boating does for your peace of mind, stress level and quality time with family and friends is something that can’t be priced.

Boats of all types are better built today than compared to those of the past. While I firmly believe you get what you pay for in life, with boats that is not always the case. Composite construction, first introduced in the mid-nineties, has eliminated wood rot in decks and stringers and improved fiberglass lay-up technologies. This has made boats lighter and more efficient without sacrificing ride. The average life of a boat under 30’ today is well over 30 years, and as the full composite boats age, that lifespan will only increase.

With a wide selection of engines to choose from, Monahan's Marine is New England's #1 re-power headquarters.
With a wide selection of engines to choose from, Monahan’s Marine is New England’s #1 re-power headquarters.

As an example, a new 22’ center console can cost well north of $60,000 with some brands exceeding $100,000! But a new 4 stroke engine for an older boat with a tired old 2 stroke should come in for less than $20,000. This purchase is well worth it if you like your boat but desire a trouble free, fuel efficient and virtually smoke free boating experience. Not only will you upgrade your engine, but your controls and instruments will also be replaced with ones that offer more features. This is also a great time to upgrade your electronics, boat electrical and fuel system components. Manufacturers like Yamaha offer engine financing at attractive rates or you can usually refinance your boat and include the new engine package. A new engine will increase the value of your boat, give you years of warranty protection, cut your fuel expenses (and your stress levels) considerably.

So, consider a re-power to keep boating affordable, safe and fun: the way it should be.

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