Mono A Mono

By Captain Jason Seman
The Marylander, Denton MD

It’s April, and it’s coming down to the wire for most fishermen preparing for the opener of Maryland’s Striped Bass Season. For the majority of us, boats are being painted, cleaned, waxed, outfitted, re-fitted, and loaded in anticipation of the opener on May 1st!

It is the busiest time of the year to be in the boat yard and the most rewarding. This spring, we have chosen to do a series of renovations aboard The Marylander to continue to strive to be one of the best Guide Services and Experiences Maryland has to offer. We will be posting pictures of our craftsmanship via Facebook and Instagram @marylandfishingandhunting or #themarylander. Be sure to follow us this season to view our latest renovations and our upcoming adventures on the Chesapeake Bay!

We truly enjoy this time to the year because when the dust settles from the battle of vessel preparation, it will be time to prepare our rods and reels for the upcoming season. We outfit the majority of our rods with monofilament. Ande monofilament is one of our favorites due to its texture, knot tying ability, and durability. We use monofilament on the majority of our trolling and spinning reels. For most of our applications, monofilament gives us the elasticity needed, the proper amount of response, and the forgiveness when reeling in a Striped Bass.

Gone are the days of wire line on the bay, braided line is currently its most popular replacement. It is most modern and the truest for the selection of depth control when trolling and its properties make it a popular choice when jigging because of its responsive nature. When accompanied by a formidable leader, it can be a great method utilized on the bay for trolling or light tackle. When paired with the proper rod length and power, the type of line you utilize will hopefully lead to a series of memorable challenges and harvests in the months ahead.

We truly feel excited and rejuvenated as the early spring weather begins to awaken us Striped Bass fishermen and our ability to target them on the Chesapeake Bay. These fish will head to and from the spawning grounds this month. How we choose to be equipped and our effort to do so will determine how successful we are when battling Maryland’s most prized catch, Mono A Mono.