More Being… Less Poundage

By James McManus

Holiday season; it comes every year and it remains my favorite for so many different reasons. As a youngun’ there was Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving with Christmas closing out the year. Since I couldn’t stay up late, New Years would have to be added later. All these meant “things”; candy, food, presents and later, parties. Now it’s taken on a different type of meaning; a deeper reflective time. Fishing has also become less about the “things”, or the poundage versus the experience, and the feeling of just “being”. Not that I don’t have more things on my boat, a ‘70s era fighter pilot could hardly pick up on the electronics I possess today. My dad was an attorney and I remember when one of his clients passed, and part of his estate settlement included giving each child ten rod and reel outfits. When I pass, it is going to have to spread to kids, grandkids, and cousins to keep the volume down for each.

All this rambling is to point out that, as we mature (a nice way to say grow old), our priorities change. Last weekend, I took one of my son’s friends from high school out on Fontana. The leaves were brilliant; there was blue sky and clear green water. We found schools of spotted bass on almost every point, caught a few, returned them all and basically just cruised around soaking in God’s creation. By the way, a white ice jig dropped into their faces will get hammered…this is supposed to be a fishing report after all. After coming home, I got a note from my friend saying the trip was one for the books. I wish that, at such a young age, I had concerned myself more with the being and less with the poundage, but that’s what’s good about maturity, you have time to get it right. If you want to just cruise around, give me a holler.

Later, Capt James.

Capt. James McManus owns 153 Charters. Give him a call for a great day on the water at (828) 421-8125.