my first red

Cecile Harrington caught this 30″ to fork redfish in lemon bay rotary park Englewood.


went fishing just before 7 on June 7 with my husband Kevin.we took frozen shrimp from the freezer and went to lemon bay rotary park in Englewood. The water was rough from the storms the days before but we wanted to kill some time before bed. About 15 minutes into it I got what I thought was a small bite or the current pulling so I slowly started to reel then “BAM” my line began to sing, my rod bent and I was exhilarated. I thought my drag was too tight so I tried to loosen it and my husband said “don’t touch your drag you’ll snap the line.”Next thing I know nothing, I thought the fish spit out the hook then I realized he was swimming at me. I reeled as fast as I could the ZING he was running again! This happened over and over seeming to take forever. in reality probably about 10 minutes.I reeled in a red-fish measuring 30” to the fork and so fat I couldn’t get my hands around it!I wish I could’ve eaten that one but being too big I released him to swim another day.
(maybe I’ll catch him again!)

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