NFWF Awards Angler Action Grant

Fisheries Innovation Fund will further Angler Action’s technical and communications advances.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) announced that it is awarding funds to the Snook and Gamefish Foundation for the purpose of enhancing the Angler Action Program (AAP), including enhancements to the smartphone application iAngler.

sgflogoWith these funds, The Snook & Gamefish Foundation, Inc. will implement a combination of technical and communications/messaging innovations to augment the number of recreational anglers skilled in recording fishing trip data in a standardized system, which will then be used to inform stock assessments and other research. Outreach will target anglers for data collection on species found in the Southern Atlantic and Gulf states in inshore, coastal and offshore waters.

The Fisheries Innovation Fund Award from NFWF will provide $80,000, and SGF will secure matching funds from other sources to complete the project.

The Angler Action Program is a service project of the Snook & Gamefish Foundation which both contributes directly to fishery management solutions and provides a personal log book for participating anglers. iAngler is a free app for both iPhone and Android. Learn more about the program at, and

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