New Owners at Coastal Angler Magazine in NC

Crystal Coast Coastal Angler has new owners! Brian Slesinski and Eddie Hardgrove have formed a new team to publish the Crystal Coast and Wilmington/Fayetteville editions of Coastal Angler Magazine. Brian has owned the Wilmington/Fayetteville franchise for over two years. Eddie Hardgrove is excited about joining the Coastal Angler Magazine Publishing Team. He is partnering with Brian Slesinski in North Carolina and with Chad McPeters in Charleston , South Carolina. He moved to Wilmington, NC in 1989 and earned a degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He brings six years previous fishing industry experience and over fifteen years experience in sales, marketing, and retail management to our Coastal Angler team. He has a strong desire to promote enjoyment of our area waters and recreational fishing, encouraging family and youth to get on the water and fish. “Through Coastal Angler premium fishing forecast, informative and educational national and local editorial, and photos we can add enjoyment to the sport we love so much.” Coastal Angler has over 40,000 free magazines available throughout the state. Check us out at our newly designed website and e-magazines are available here.