New Product Spotlight: Dry Hands Dispensing Bait Bucket By: CAM Staff


The patented Dry Hands Dispensing Live Shrimp and Aquatic bait-fish bucket is the only bucket of it’s kind in the world.

It delivers your favorite live aquatic bait… ONE AT A TIME… into the palm of your hand. It dispenses hundreds of salt and fresh water species from one to four inches in length, and up to two inches in height. It’s low profile and wide base makes it nearly impossible to tip over. The Dry Hands bait bucket features a tough, thick chemical and water-resistant polyethylene insulation applied over the exterior and bottom. This product is 100% American made, has no metal parts and comes with a FREE top mounted bubble stone aerator accessory installed. Stop by Jack’s Kayaks to check one out. They are located at 1764 Missouri Ave N. Largo, FL. 33770

Manufactured by Kentucky Entrepreneurs LLC 270-723-1970