New Year, New Fish – January 2017

New Year, New Fish
At the beginning of every year, people all around make at least one New Year’s resolution. Some people decide to go to the gym, while others are going to cut down on sweets. My goal each New Year is to try to take at least one person a month to catch at least one fish they have never before battled. I enjoy this because it allows me to teach new tactics to anglers and also allows me the opportunity to see the joy when these people catch a new species. Along with the experience of targeting and catching new species, the anglers can learn new tactics for catching certain fish. They also have the experience of trying new baits and finding new spots where fish may be lurking. With the New Year ahead of us, why not all try to learn new tactics or catch fish we have never before caught? Search for new spots and try different things to see if you can find a magic trick for catching that one fish you never thought you’d hook.
This past year, I had the great opportunity to accompany a few different people on expeditions to help them learn about and catch different fish. I, myself, got the chance to learn some new tactics and add a few new fish to my repertoire. From sight fishing and catching my first peacock bass in Florida, to hooking up to my biggest red drum here in Charleston, it’s been a year for the books. I’ve learned new techniques for casting, I’ve perfected the use of certain lures, and I’ve watched many great people do their secret little tricks that help them every time. You never know what kind of impact you will have as an angler on other anglers.
My favorite new lure from the 2016 fishing year would definitely be River2Sea Whopper Plopper. Before this year, I had heard of these lures but never fished one! I was fortunate enough to take a trip and fish with some great guys who swore by this lure. The Whopper Plopper size 130, which is the 5-inch bait, has become one of my go-to bass lures anytime I hit the water. This lure is awesome because it combines the best of both worlds, resembling both traditional prop bait and buzzbait. The sound of the flexible tail on topwater is extremely unique, however still reflects closely to a buzz bait. Whopper Ploppers float similarly to prop bait, giving the advantage to the angler. If a fish misses the lure, the angler can let the lure rest on top of the water, waiting for the bite. Another perk is this lure can be fished at various speeds, which will determine the speed that rotates the tail. The rotation of the tail will cause a plopping noise, which will, in turn, attract the desired fish. Fishing with these lures took some trial and error, and I caught myself a few winds before mastering the perfect cast. Once I was able to get the cast where and how I wanted, I was able to do a slow retrieve which gave a lower plop sound bringing the fish in for the attack. The rotating tail of this lure is my favorite aspect, as it allows for a different effect in any situation.
For more information on the River2Sea Whopper Plopper or for any other fishing questions or stories, make sure to stop by our Palmetto State Armory locations. We are more than willing to help answer any questions, set you up with your own Whopper Ploppers, and hear your stories about the new species you catch this year. Make your resolution and get out there and fish!

Courtney Downing
Palmetto State Armory

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