By Rick Ruhlow • Kingfisher Sportfishing

The boats from Golfito, all the way up to Flamingo, have been experiencing some  of the best tuna action in years. Speaking for our fishing zone, which is anywhere from Cabo Blanco to just south of Cabo Velas, there has been a definite improvement in the overall tuna activity.

We are seeing a lot more fish over the 100 lb mark, and many much larger. In all probability,  it is a direct result of Costa Rica pushing the commercial tuna seiners further off shore. There has always been an abundance of spinner dolphin carrying the smaller tuna, but now we are seeing bigger tuna with these dolphins. Additionally we are sighting more spotted dolphin, which seem to hold the larger yellowfin tuna.

As for the local fishing conditions, we have been at the mercy of the currents lately. At times they are sporadic, pushing south one day and north the next. When the water pushes steadily in from south to north, it has had a deep blue appearance, bringing with it the flying fish, squid, and other bait fish. This makes for some good action in front of Carrillo and Garza, with  boats seeing better than a handful of billfish most days. As stated previously, the tuna fishing has been great, and we expect it to continue.

Not many dorado being caught but as of this reading that should be changing as well. In the past, October seems to be the month when they start showing up again.

Be aware though that October is traditionally the rainiest month of the year. Many boats haul out for maintenance during this month (us included) but are ready to go the first part of November. Still, if you can find a boat and don’t mind getting wet, you can experience some good fishing.


Originally from California, Rick Ruhlow moved to Costa Rica over 33 years ago. While exploring the country he fished Playa Naranjo (gulf of Nicoya), Quepos, Drakes Bay and Flamingo, before discovering Playa Carrillo almost 28 years ago. He was the Fishing Manager/Captain  for the newly re-opened Hotel Guanamar for three years, before venturing off on his own. He has been owner/operator of Kingfisher Sportfishing since 1995. Contact Rick at