Northwest Area Fly Fishing Report: October 2015

October is the time for browns and steelhead and super charged streamer fishing. If fly fishing with a dry fly was Mozart, this season would be the equivalent of 16 speakers of Kid Rock! Large sculpins with 7 to 9 wt rods, 250 grain to 350 grain lines, and flies from 3” to 9” are the norm. Rounding out the fall streamer extravaganza are encounters with kings and cohos on the rivers with migratory fish.

The brown trout will be spawning on certain stretches of rivers and at various times during this month. Please don’t be a jack pine savage and rip these fish off their nests. Fortunately not all of these fish spawn at the same time. There will always be pre, post, and spawning fish in most sections of the river either to fish and or steer clear of.

Nymphing with nymphs like hares ears, pheasant tails, prince nymphs, caddis and yarn flies can be effective as well for all the above species as well. Spey and swing anglers can get in on the action as well with the long rods and a variety of flies such as Feenstra sculpins and Greg Senyos patterns. Fall is the time for magnum browns and chrome bullets nothing like getting a take on the streamer often right off the oar blade by a fired up steelhead, lit up coho, or a large brown. Get out and enjoy the chase!