Northwest Area Fly Fishing Report: September 2015


K ings should be entering the rivers this month and can provide some bang-up tackle busting battles as they enter the rivers to spawn. These fish can be great sport on fly gear for the fly fisherman that knows how to throw large streamers. It can be the most exciting and rewarding fishing of the year for guys that are willing to put in the effort. Kings will be and should be entering rivers such as the Little and Big Manistee, the Betsie, Platte, Boardman, Bear, Jordan and Medusa Creek as well as a host of other areas although numbers may fluctuate. Flies of choice for streamer fishing kings should be large streamers like deceivers, Sedottie slammers, half and half ’s, and other flashy patterns. 9 and 10 weight rods with a 300 to 400 grain sinking line depending on size of river and water level will get the job done.

Fishing kings should not be limited to the rivers for the fly angler. Stretches of beach or shoreline areas adjacent to river mouths, pier heads and harbors are all fair game for the fly guy who wants to try new venues. Alternatives to fly fishing like running chunk skein below a float or casting crank’s, spoons, and blades are productive as well. No matter what method you choose, I like to promote fair chase fishing for kings whether with flies or gear. There is nothing like seeing or feeling a take from a great gamefish so leave the chuck-n-duck for kids and beginners getting into the sport. Get out and have some fun!