Northwest Area Fly Fishing Report: July 2015

RussMaddin A s we head into summer on the trout streams, we move from the largest hatches of the year with the hex and drakes and into the smallest hatches of the year with blue wing olives and tricos. These are mainly morning hatches that give fly anglers a chance to get out and fish before the great aluminum hatch of canoes, kayaks, and tubers.

The deep heart of summer for fly anglers can be a fairly stagnant time of year. Don’t put those fly rods away though because there are pretty decent caddis hatches on many rivers like the Boardman in the evening along with Cahills. On many rivers such as the Manistee, one can also find one of the most prolific of all hatches the isonychia. These bugs can last on some rivers well into July and even early August. This hatch and spinner-fall tends to occur in the riffle areas mainly in evening and can extend the season for dry fly anglers.

Anglers can fish for other species such as river smallmouth, pike, and largemouth during this time of year, which can be lots of fun as well. Panfish on inland lakes, summer steelhead and a few kings will be around in low numbers as well especially with the wet and cooler June.

July and into August are great months to get on the nocturnal bite for trout as well. Remember the lower the water, the better the fishing. Please tell a friend where you might be fishing, always bring an extra light, and use basic wading/boating sense when fishing at night. Mouse patterns, frogs, floating baitfish style patterns and old classics like large muddlers and Houghton lake specials will all get the job done. Get out and have fun this month!RussMaddin1