Northwest Area Fly Fishing Report: June 2015

Russ Maddin 3

J une is a holy time for dry fly anglers as the larger mayflies will start from the first week through the last days of June and often into July drakes both brown and gray, isonychia’s and the mighty hex will be available on many of the areas rivers by middle of June and provide fly fisherman with great opportunities at larger rising trout. Many of these hatches and spinner falls occur in the evening or night so bring a headlamp and a 6wt rod even a light 7 and use rope to bring them in, no less the 3x tippet please! If you hook into a big guy you’ll be glad you have rope on. An expedited landing of trout that you plan to release will ensure that less stress will be put on the fish. Fly fishing for carp and smallmouth bass on both East and West Bay has become very popular in our area as well and can be a great filler of time as anglers can fish these fish morning through 3pm and still catch the evening rise for a well rounded fishing trip. Classic patterns such as Clouser minnows, small crayfish patterns weighted nymphs and wooly buggers will all work well especially olive and brown shades. Basic 7 and 8 wt rods will work fine with a floating line and there is countless miles of wadeable flats available for anglers to search for theses creatures. Get out and enjoy!