Not sure what to get your Dad for Father’s Day, join the Club

Father’s Day is upon us and you’re probably thinking what can I get the man who has everything. Well I am pretty sure that if you and your Dad are reading Coastal Angler Magazine that slippers or a tie is just not going to cut it. That’s ok, I have a few solutions that won’t break the bank and your Dad is going to love it.

One of my favorites is the Mystery Tackle Box. They are the top rated tackle company of its kind. Initially I thought well that sounds great but are they going to send me just a bunch of stuff the retailers could not sell, things no one wants? Well I gave them a call to find out how it all works. The great news is they test their products, all of them, before they decide what they want to include in each Mystery Box. The items they don’t like they send back and only put in tackle that they think their fisherman will use. They have fresh and salt water boxes and a Pro Version Box for the fisherman looking to take it up a notch. Check them out at

All this talk about tackle and fishing is making me thirsty which leads me to The Craft Beer Club. The Craft Beer Club searches throughout the country for exceptional craft brews and delivers them each month to your door. Their selection only includes independent brewers who use traditional brewing ingredients and methods. Like the Mystery Tackle Box you are breaking away from the norm and trying something new. I am sure you are going to find great tasting brews and enjoy the journey of tasting unique beers. You can find the Craft Beer Club at

You have heard the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” I am pretty sure this is still accurate and if you are looking to be Dad’s favorite, here are two yummy options. Let’s talk Jerky, there are so many kinds of jerky such as Elk, Buffalo, Beef, Turkey, Pork and my favorite Venison. I highly suggest buying Jerky that is made in the USA, you will get a better quality product and are supporting our fellow Americans. I found a company called that is joining the ranks of greatest Father’s Day gifts ever. They have exceptional quality, service and variety. For my final suggestion it has to include BBQ. I found an amazing woman who gave up the corporate game to pursue her love of BBQ and great food, Lea Richards owner of the Pig of the Month Club. This is the “real deal,” they hand select and personally create all their BBQ Boxes. Their BBQ items range from organic meats, fresh locally baked breads, homemade sauces, spices and of course bacon. Lea started Pig of the Month about 5 years ago and she is well on her way to BBQ stardom. Pig of the Month is a real winner, check them out at and get ready for some real hometown BBQ.

I hope that all you Dad’s out there enjoy your Father’s Day this year and I will look for my invite if you are lucky enough to score any of these great gifts for Father’s Day.